You need a commitment over time to blossom, find your own balance and reveal the keys and colors of your inner garden. However, I have noticed that some people want help for a very specific problem that arises at a particular time in their life. This is why I offer the Snowdrop coaching which consists of hourly sessions.

This is for you if:

You need a Coach to accompany you hand in hand to gain that last shred of confidence for your job interview coming up in 2 weeks.

You want to feel good about yourself and aligned about a decision you need to make, I’m here to coach you to find confidence and strength within yourself.

You said yes to something you wish you’d said no to, and you need help overcoming that.

You’ve just experienced a drastic change at work that no longer suits you, you want to expand your vision to change the situation.

Of course, all of these topics can reveal the need and willingness to work on yourself for a longer period of time than a single session, but I offer this possibility, for those who are ready for one specific thing at a time.

They found their keys...

Very satisfied with this coaching! As a 35 year old living with a family and a one year old daughter, I was turning a chapter in my life when I met Louise...but I didn't know that yet. After the 5 sessions, I leave confident with new tools that have entered my daily life. Where I come from and where I want to go is much more fluid for me. I can better identify my fears and define a concrete goal. A coaching can be a very nice gift to offer; in agreement with the person because it is above all a personal process : )


Very nice coaching with Louise, who is gentle, caring and very professional. Her coaching is fantastic. I came out of it with a better knowledge and self-esteem and a great strength that motivates me to live my dreams more. I really liked Louise's way of doing things, especially the fact of setting goals between two sessions to make everything concrete. In short, I recommend her coaching with my eyes closed!


I drop this message to share my joy of having met Louise as a coach. I was accompanied for several weeks and I keep an amazing memory of it! Louise is above all caring, attentive, gentle... She gives off a serene energy that allowed me to be more confident with myself. As a professional, she was extremely respectful of my pace (many fears). Louise asked me specific, targeted and precise questions which helped me to become more aware and which also helped her to better guide me towards a clear objective. She led me towards an opening of all the fields of life. I can only recommend her coaching!


Louise's kindness and clarity of vision were very helpful to me at a time when I was having trouble taking a step back!


Louise is a good listener, caring and with a very positive energy that puts you in a good vibe. She helps me to overcome my fears with exercises and very enriching conversations which motivates me to continue my inner change. Her yoga classes are also great, I loved them!


If you want to go further and get all the motivating & caring framework of the coaching such as:

Exchange and follow-up on whatsapp between sessions

Follow-up of goals and challenges from one session to the next

✺ Commitment over time for more results, …

I recommend the “Find your Keys” coaching !

I’m Louise Le Dévéhat, certified Personal Development Coach and Yoga Instructor.
I guide you to find your Keys to open the gate of your inner Garden to learn to know yourself better and cultivate your values.

I love to travel, write, meditate, meet, explore, move, learn… Through “Les Clés du Jardin”, which combines my work as a Holistic Coach and Yoga teacher, I aim to bring humans closer to nature, facilitate body/heart/spirit alignment, create healing spaces, awaken consciousness and help embrace our true essence!

I offer different techniques complementary to Coaching methods such as anchoring, meditation, visualisation, Yoga of course and others when I feel it is beneficial to holistic coaching.
I am inspired by nature, creativity, human relationships, energetic and spiritual experiences to best accompany people to awaken their consciousness and create their reality.

Louise - Les Clés du Jardin

Ready ?