This line was the trigger during a difficult period in my life, when I had not yet met my deep inner self. I didn’t respect myself, I wasn’t honest to myself, I was developing habits that were unconsciously consuming me. In short, I was not aligned, as they say in the spiritual slang which I love.
I then learned to look for answers, resources, peace and resilience within myself, to understand, transform, evolve, vibrate…. and I found it!

I discovered myself and I continue to discover my inner garden day after day. I have tamed my profile as a hypersensitive and connected person in order to grow in consciousness and confidence.

I practice yoga, meditation, intuitive writing and sound therapy.
I’m fascinated by the beauty of flowers, the energy of the forest, the messages of oracles, the power of sound vibrations, I love cooking seasonal vegetables and walking in nature.

Working on myself and connecting to my intuition is part of my daily life and this is what I wish to share, with all my heart. Because if our inner gardens are blooming, then the outer gardens are blooming too.

Louise Le Dévéhat - Les Clés du Jardin

I’m Louise Le Dévéhat.
An explorer of life, I love to travel, write, meditate, create, meet, listen, explore, learn, laugh, move….
Through the “Les Clés du Jardin” space I’ve created, I bring together my various resources & keys with the same intention of helping humans tame their inner wealth & resources, awaken consciousness and guide towards more freedom, balance and love.

I then offer holistic acompaniment to find your life balance, the keys to your inner garden as I like to say. I also offer yoga classes in many forms, meditation sessions, liberating wellness retreats,… I’m constantly adapting to the person in front of me, because I’m convinced that there are as many ways of finding balance as there are people on earth.

After a year’s training to certify me as a Personal Development Coach, I then completed my first training course (200h) to become a yoga teacher. I continue to follow several courses regularly to deepen my practice and continue to specialize and enrich myself.
Recently, I began training in sound therapy. Attracted by sound vibrations for a long time, it’s a powerful key for me to add to my guide’s toolkit.

Louise - Les Clés du Jardin

My 3 life principles

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