Sound has always surrounded us.
From the fourth month of life, we begin to hear.
Our mother’s heartbeat, then rain, wind, birds, voices, creaking branches, thunder, Nature, simply Life.

I’m happy to share the benefits of sound and vibration by guiding you towards timeless moments, accompanied by my allies, intuitive instruments.

Letting yourself be lulled by sound and vibration means allowing yourself to relax completely, and enjoy a deep sense of well-being that accompanies you during and after the sound interlude.

Sound Therapy
During a session,
Here are some of the many benefits of a sound relaxation session:
It's a moment of pure presence, a special time dedicated to oneself.

All you have to do is Be.

Simply Be.

The Sound experiences

Individual Sound Bath

Relaxation begins with a time of discussion to guide you towards deep relaxation and general calm. I can then target your needs and adapt the session.
I bring a real energetic connection to the session, which brings this sound relaxation closer to an energy treatment.
You are invited to let yourself be transported by the sounds and vibrations of the crystal bowls and other instruments.


70 euros

Relaxation sonore
Below you can find the
I also work in companies, for events and gatherings of friends.
Contact me to discuss your specific requests.


Individual sound relaxation takes place lying down, clothed and without physical contact. The crystal bowls are placed around you, on the floor, at the level of your various chakras.
Collective sound relaxation takes place in the same way, only the bowls are not placed around the body. Some people may prefer to remain seated; this is an option, although I recommend lying down for deeper relaxation.

I invite you to come in comfortable clothes in which you feel completely at ease.

You can also bring an eye relaxation cushion to place over your eyes during relaxation. If you’d like to purchase one, please contact me to place an order.

(And yes, sewing, and in particular the making of eye cushions, is also part of my intention at Les Clés du Jardin).


People with pacemakers.

People with cancer.

Pregnant women. (especially during the first 4 months of pregnancy).

I strongly recommend that anyone with health concerns consult a health professional before participating in sound relaxation.
Pregnant women wishing to participate after the fourth month of pregnancy will be asked to provide a positive certificate from their doctor.

Whether for individual or group relaxation, no “experience” is necessary.
As I like to say, you just have to be human… and yet! : )

Sound Events

Find out more about upcoming sound events here.

Prenez un moment pour pratiquer le Yin Yoga et vous détendre grâce aux sons cristallins des bols de Louise & ses autres instruments.

Le Yin Yoga est une pratique douce et introspective qui prône le ralentissement, l’écoute intérieure et l’introspection.

Le rythme lent et l’immersion sonore permettent un relâchement en profondeur et viennent reposer, harmoniser corps, cœur & âme.


Vendredi 12 Avril – de 19H à 20H
My Yoga Studio – 30 rue de Grébelin, 74800 La Roche-sur-Foron

Je vous emmène en voyage.
Pendant cette heure, laissez-vous bercer par les sons, transporter par les vibrations, et détendez-vous lors de ce voyage à hautes fréquences.
Je vous propose un temps dédié à vous-même, pour prendre le temps d’Être.
Accompagnée des bols de cristal et autres instruments, je vous accueille dans cet espace bienveillant et reposant.


Dimanche 14 Avril – de 09H30 à 10H30
Ginko Studio – Rte de Florissant 177, 1231 Conches – CH

voyage sonore Suisse