Countdown Expired!

Louise is such a special soul. From the first time I met her, I felt so safe and respected. The way she listened to me and the question she asked me, where so deep and helped me go through a lot of emotions. She is my safeplace on this world. I feel a great gratitude to know her.

Deborah P.

Louise, I admire your calmness and determination and how you encouraged us to try out certain things, to be conscious and present in the current moments. With you, one feels heard and not judged at all – you really seem accepting of peoples nature and struggles and try to encourage, while also keeping your personal peace and knowing what you want for yourself. Personally this was very inspiring to see, as it is something I tend to struggle with. Thank you so much for all the work and passion you put in the retreat and for guiding us through it all!

Martina H.

Thank you Louise for your smile and your laugh. I loved your yoga sessions, there were well-balanced. The journey was really well-organized, thank you! I also enjoyed the yin and yang workshop, it was enlightening. The discussions with you were thoughtful and plenty of kindness. I brought some teachings at home. Thanks for this moment 🙂

Laurie B.

It was a very special and great experience. I can’t even specify what exactly made it so good, I think the whole experience and ambience all together. Little workshops together were nice and created group spirit but also individual challenge and focusing expressing yourself. I really felt I can breathe there and be myself, or not feel like myself and it was fine. Of course the meditation and yoga were big good part also. Louise is a patient and inspirational teacher, good listener and makes you live in the moment. 🙂

Marianne P.

Overall experience was very positive. I enjoyed deep relaxation & a spiritual reconnection. It was a special group of people, & everything just felt natural. I felt very heard & understood during my 1-2-1, Louise held a mindful safe space & was intuitive & insightful. A calming influence & able to be both serious & playful.

Douglas G.

Louise, thank you for being so inspiring! I felt all the love and professionalism you put into this retreat, so thank you for that! I loved the way the sessions were constructed, I loved the way the yoga sessions were so gentle with you, between power and gentleness. Also, since the first day I put the pillow eyes over my eyes to fall asleep, I’ve been in love with it! Thank you for trusting me with the photos, I’m very grateful ❤️

Lise, photographer of the "Dare to Breathe" retreat