I address the whole being.
During sessions, the mental, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual planes are taken into account. All these dimensions are interconnected.
I’m convinced that we need to find the right balance in our head, heart and body to be fully in tune with ourselves and live more consciously.
I’ll accompany you in a complete and respectful approach, according to your needs and objectives, in a caring and authentic environment.

The Coaching journey to:


The Coaching

"Find your keys!"

A 3 months journey to go in depth in the discovery of yourself and to engage a real evolution.

Find your keys to discover your inner garden!

This coaching is for you if:

⊹ You want to get to know yourself so you can build your own life balance and feel aligned.

You want to open new doors, let things move, experience change and need clarity on the path to take.

You can’t find your place at work and your routine is weighing you down. You want more communication & serenity.

⊹ You want to explore and discover your spirituality.

You would like to learn to manage and express your emotions instead of letting yourself be overwhelmed by certain situations in life.

You want to be more confident, assert yourself and feel more grounded (In your relationships, at work, in your couple, family…)

You want to reconnect with your femininity in the long run and embrace your person and your energy fully.


Find your keys, it's :

1 session of 1 to 2 hours every 10 days.

video and/or face-to-face in Douvaine (74)

8 sessions over 3 months

with possibility of extension

Exchanges on whatsapp between sessions if necessary to ensure support and motivation.

Goals and challenges to achieve between each appointment.

A roadmap that follows you throughout the coaching process.

Freedom and exploration.

We start with a free discovery call to get to know you and answer any questions you may have.

As the sessions progress, you identify your needs, your limits, fears, blockages and beliefs, you learn to better manage them and free yourself.

You get to know yourself better, you find your answers more easily in order to :

⊹ Create a life that better suits you ⊹
⊹ Achieve your goals with confidence ⊹ 
⊹ Overcome certain life events ⊹
⊹ Understand and put forward your potential ⊹

They found their keys...

Very satisfied with this coaching! As a 35 year old living with a family and a one year old daughter, I was turning a chapter in my life when I met Louise...but I didn't know that yet. After the 5 sessions, I leave confident with new tools that have entered my daily life. Where I come from and where I want to go is much more fluid for me. I can better identify my fears and define a concrete goal. A coaching can be a very nice gift to offer; in agreement with the person because it is above all a personal process : )


Very nice coaching with Louise, who is gentle, caring and very professional. Her coaching is fantastic. I came out of it with a better knowledge and self-esteem and a great strength that motivates me to live my dreams more. I really liked Louise's way of doing things, especially the fact of setting goals between two sessions to make everything concrete. In short, I recommend her coaching with my eyes closed!


I drop this message to share my joy of having met Louise as a coach. I was accompanied for several weeks and I keep an amazing memory of it! Louise is above all caring, attentive, gentle... She gives off a serene energy that allowed me to be more confident with myself. As a professional, she was extremely respectful of my pace (many fears). Louise asked me specific, targeted and precise questions which helped me to become more aware and which also helped her to better guide me towards a clear objective. She led me towards an opening of all the fields of life. I can only recommend her coaching!


Louise's kindness and clarity of vision were very helpful to me at a time when I was having trouble taking a step back!


Louise is a good listener, caring and with a very positive energy that puts you in a good vibe. She helps me to overcome my fears with exercises and very enriching conversations which motivates me to continue my inner change. Her yoga classes are also great, I loved them!


Coaching that feels good, to feel listened to, heard and understood. Not having to spend time and energy explaining a state of mind, because Louise understands everything, feels really good. This coaching helped me to understand my life mission, to feel invaded by the feeling that everything is possible and that the only limits we set ourselves are those we impose on ourselves. It's an immense comfort to become aware of this. Thank you Louise for all your kindness and understanding. The sessions are intense, we feel drained but so soothed, aligned with ourselves. And thanks to you, Louise, I've understood that we attract what we decide to vibrate with, and that you alone are the master of your destiny.



"Find your keys !"

680 euros

A 3-month journey of self-discovery to bring balance back into your life.

Single session

100 euros

A single 1h30 session to explore specific topics and clear objectives through coaching.
Face-to-face in Douvaine, or online.

Les Clés du Jardin - Coaching & Yoga

If you feel that I’m the person that could help you find your true life balance, free yourself from what limits you, and create your life according to your values, book your 30 minutes free call to engage the discussion  !