Welcome to “Dare to Breathe”, a week-long retreat dedicated to slow down and reconnect with yourself after the intensity of the summer.
Cara and Louise are two Yoga Instructors connected to life, humans and the elements.
Together they will guide you on this nourishing journey in the beautiful Andalucian village of Sayalonga.

Dare to Breathe,
the story:

We often notice in our classes or in life in general how much we humans can feel restrained from taking a deep breath, from taking our place as big as it is, from imposing ourselves with who we are in our entirety. The patterns of today’s society often lead us into a self-enclosure when we all have so much potential to bring out, to shine, to embrace! 

We are so happy to offer you this space to tune in this week to finally be able to come with yourself, as a whole, to breathe fully and move in consciousness. 

Dare to Breathe, dare to be who you are, dare to just BE.

All you need is an open mind and an adventurous soul,
we take care of the rest!

We will stay between mountains and sea, in the beautiful typical Andalusian white village: Sayalonga. 

During our 7 days together, we will:

✺ Explore different types of Yoga, conscious movement and meditation for all levels.

✺ Spend time in nature, whether in the mountains or on the seaside.

✺ Discover some holistic coaching keys and find ways to integrate them in your daily life.

✺ Bring us back to our true harmony with nature, healthy lifestyle and inner-connection.

✺ Eat healthy vegetarian/vegan meals cooked with love by our host.


This retreat is really about opening your heart to come back to You

What is included
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Your instructors
✻ Cara Garnjost ✻

Cara is a kind and authentic soul, expert in meditation & free movements, certified Yoga Teacher.

She has the urge to help people in a way that they can free themselves and reconnect with their natural way of being. She loves to add free and expressive movements to her yoga practice.

She holds space for emotional awareness, creates safe places, where you can take your time to observe your state of being in a kind and accepting way. Whether there are painful sensations or blissful moments, you will learn to live through them with a deeper understanding.

Meditation, breathing techniques, flowy movements and mindful practices are awaiting you in her practices.
Throughout her classes, you will focus on your breathing and letting go of your mental, emotional & physical stress that you’re carrying in your body.

Learn more about her and get in touch with Cara on her  Instagram.

✻ Louise Le Dévéhat ✻

Inspired by the Energies, connected to conscious movement, meditation and breathing, Louise accompanies humans to find balance and personal fulfilment, in a space of trust. She helps them define their priorities, needs, limits and values so that they learn to know themselves. The keys to our inner garden are within each of us and Louise helps bring them to light.
She’s a certified Holistic Life Coach and Yoga teacher, loves to travel and explore the world.

Her Yoga classes focus on the body/mind/heart connection and awareness of our being, our anatomy and everything around us. She wishes to guide people towards a more conscious life by noticing movement and breath through the practice of yoga.

You can take a wider tour of my website.
You can also find me Instagram & Facebook.

Louise - Les Clés du Jardin
Yoga Retreat Spain
Les Clés du Jardin

Cara & Louise met in Thailand during their Yoga Teacher Training. Naturally, they noticed all the common points in their practices and their way of sharing with others, as well as their approach to learning and experiencing life.
They genuinely complement each other in their mindful practices and are immensely grateful to be sharing this week in Spain with you. 
We can’t wait to immerse ourselves in the beauty and nurturing energies that surround us in the Andalusian mountains.

The Accommodation
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Yoga Retreat Spain
Example of a day's schedule

Here is a sample schedule for a day.
It is not fixed, nor guaranteed and can be changed.
You will receive the schedule shortly before the beginning of your stay.

07:30 :Guided Meditation

08:15 : Morning Hatha Yoga Flow

10:30 : Healthy & Fresh vegan/vegetarian brunch

11:30 : Free time to enjoy the swimming pool, read, walk around the village…

13:00 : Workshop
“The art of mindful eating & how it can change your life”

Free Time or time for Individual Coaching session

17:00 : Free Movements Workshop :
“Make one with your whole self”

18:30 : Sunset Yin Yoga to relax and let your whole being infuse from the benefits of the day.

19:30-20:00 : Convivial vegan/vegetarian dinner

21:00 : Inspirational talk, stargazing, evening meditation

Yoga Retreat Spain

Shared Twin Room SOLD OUT:

2 persons, 2 single bed
(shared bathroom)

EUR 1200.00 per person

Private Room SOLD OUT:

One queen size bed, 1 person
(shared bathroom)

EUR 1600.00

Private Double Room SOLD OUT:

One queen size bed, 2 person
(shared bathroom)

EUR 1800.00

Glamping tent: SOLD OUT

One queen size bed, 1 or 2 person
(shared bathroom)
Lights, no electricity

EUR 1100.00 for 1 person
EUR 1300.00 for 2 persons


Book before June 26th 2023
EUR 100 discount

No one gets turned away for lack of funds.
Contact us to see if you are eligible for a discount.