Louise is a very calm, open, authentic coach who really works intensely with you on all kind of themes, challenges and demands. I felt very safe and seen. Also in her Yoga classes she creates a safe place what allows you to be open, vulnerable and receptive. You get in deeper touch with your body throughout her classes, because she always reminds you to really feel into your body… to your sensations arising in that moment. It’s a perfect tool to come back the present moment. And Louise was helping in such a calm but persistent way. I love it, thank you!

Cara E.

Whatever I write about Louise will be too little, she is one of the best yoga teachers I have had, she will always approach you with a smile and a great deal of patience. I cannot recommend Louise enough! She will not be only your yoga teacher, she will also welcome you as a dear friend.


Louise is a wonderful yoga instructor! I’ve taken several classes with her and found her style to be incredibly welcoming, inclusive, and peaceful. The classes are also always unique! In addition to that, she is a person with a calm and reassuring demeanor. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her.

Yuval C.

Louise is a very kind, empathetic and loving person. I enjoyed very much my time with her, her philosophy to focus on the now helped me to value what i experience and feel.

Ada N.

I had the pleasure of attending Louise’s yoga class and was impressed by the well-structured lesson and her calming presence and teaching style. I felt welcomed and at ease throughout the class, and it’s clear that Louise is dedicated to providing a positive and uplifting experience for her students. I highly recommend her classes and will definitely be returning on a regular basis.

Zuzana D.

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