Les Clés du Jardin - Article Formation Yoga

A few words about my YOGA training

Les Clés du Jardin - Article Formation Yoga

It ‘s been almost 6 months since I finished my training,
since I am a Yoga Teacher.

It took me a while to ” return home ” as this life experience was really rich and intense.
It took me this time to digest these learnings, to anchor them in myself and to live with them now.

I was very moved by the teachers, these people who have a life which I find fascinating, made up of challenges, ups and downs, lots of travel and various experiences, questioning and personal development. I felt so privileged to sit in front of them, to listen to them tell their stories and teach us in their own way what they’ ve been taught along their paths. I am grateful. Thank you for sharing all your treasures, for taking the time. I must admit that I was so touched that it has become one of my values: to share my experiences and learnings with the world. It’s just so precious! Besides, if you are in the same group as another person, going through the same thing, you won’t have the same story to tell at the end, because we all have different perceptions, we all have different views, values, biases, wounds, traumas, lives! It’s all inspiration!

During this training, I also had a positive social experience. It was the first time I was in a group of people who were in the same place, for the same reason with one thing uniting us all: We all made the same choice, the same decision: To become a yoga teacher.

But I’ll tell you the funny thing, not one of us was alike, we were all very different. And wow. Yoga opened me up to others, meditation connected me to others, singing made me vibrate with others.

It wasn’t an easy start, as my social life was no picnic for a long time, “too different”, “peculiar”, “out of the way” were the words I heard. So obviously, socialising for 4 full weeks with strangers scared me. I was apprehensive, I was anxious, I was afraid of being judged. Turned out, I lived those 4 weeks in a bubble of caring. (I’ll be honest with you, even though I preach positivity and non-judgment, I didn’t know that was possible.)

Every single person was caring. I woke up at 6am with tired little eyes, I wasn’t the most flexible or graceful, I didn’t speak the best English on earth with a great accent, I had hair under my arms sometimes, I was sensitive and emotional and cried quite often, all the things that can trigger judging words… Well, I felt at peace, non-judged, accepted. The saying “We are so much more” resonated with me and that was also the behaviour I adopted. We are more… And the practice and the philosophy of yoga proved it.

We are much more.

Much more than physical beings, much more than messy hair, much more than flexible or not. This energy was present throughout the training. There was love, the energy of Love. It was incredible.

We are so much more.

Les Clés du Jardin - Article Formation Yoga

I gave my first class at the end of the training, in the certification process.

I have no words to describe the energy I felt in that class, in that yoga practice. My theme was connection with the Earth. We had all just spent a month or more by the water, and a big week in the rain.

I wanted to bring back a balance through the practice I was proposing, and the postures were mostly close to the ground, you can understand why.

During my class in an outdoor Shala close to nature, the sky rumbled and the rain fell. Everything was connected, everything was one. Such a beautiful and powerful energy resonated within me, and for the next few days I felt so aligned.

This practice was the ultimate confirmation that I was on the right path.

I left the training with a little knot in my stomach, like a feeling of anxiety before going on stage. I was sad to leave my companions of this intense 4 weeks yogic journey, I was happy and on a cloud of happiness to be where I was, in Thailand, knowing that my journey was going to continue for a few more days under the sun and in the nature. I couldn’t believe it, I was a yoga teacher.

I am happy to be where I am and to share practices with beautiful people every week.

I am happy to learn every day and to remember what I have learned in the training as well.

Les Clés du Jardin - Article Formation Yoga

I hope you find what makes you vibrate in life, what wakes you up and challenges you. 🦋

Thank you to all the humans I cross on my path, thank you life.

Les Clés du Jardin - Article Formation Yoga

With Love,


  • James

    Beautifully written. Love the honest and authentic description of your experience.

    So glad to have been part of your journey and looking forward to watching you grow and expand.


    • Louise

      Thank you so much James for your kind message, it means a lot.
      And thank you for your teachings shared with passion, humor and awareness.🦋

  • Chuckles

    Your after journey has been totally inspiring!!….everything you’ve been doing, all of your growing always has me smiling…and now…these words!…these words are all the feelings!
    I am so happy to have connected with you and to have shared that time together. LETS DO IT AGAIN!!

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for your amazing message Chuckles! I’m touched by your words and happy to have connected with you too. See you soon !

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