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Article Les Clés du Jardin - Breath of Joy - Challenge

Breath of Joy & Challenge !

Today I wanted to share something that changed my life: The Breath of Joy.
I’m evolving on my journey and I love sharing with you my experiences and awareness. Because this is what we have to do: spreading the word, spreading the good vibes and spreading the LOVE. I invite you to read through and breathe with me, maybe it will change your life too ?

The Breath of Joy is a pranayama that energise and awaken the whole body. It’s a fantastic breathing technique that you can practice at the morning to start your day with a big smile, happy mood and motivation!

It increases oxygen in the blood, stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and circulates prana throughout your being 🌀.

It can take only 2 minutes. So yes, you have time to do the breath of joy my friend. 🙂

How to practice:

Inhale 3 times in a row:

1.First Inhale: Bring your arms in front of you.
2.Second inhale: Arms towards the sky as if you had wings.
3.Third inhale: Bring the arms in front of you again.
The arms movements are synchronized with the 3 inhalations.

Then exhale by releasing your upper body towards the earth (chest towards your thighs by bending your knees). Empty your lungs in one big exhale through the mouth (or the nose), releasing everything.

It is a fluid movement, find your own flow and feel the energy awaken inside your body.

How many repetitions? Listen to your body, it will tell you when to start and stop.

When you stop the breath of joy, take a moment to ground through the feet, arms alongside the body opening the palms facing forward. If you’re comfortable closing your eyes, you can do so. And slowly come back to your normal breathing, feeling the benefits of the practice, the energy flowing in your body, and the JOY ! You can now start your day with enthusiasm and a powerful energy inside and around you.

Let's try it together ?
Challenge: 7 days of breath of joy !

I invite you to practice the breath of joy, every morning before you even start your day (before coffee, shower, sport, computer, before EVERYTHING!) for 7 days.
At the end of the 7 days, send me a message or leave a comment under the article to give me your feedback!

❉ Does it help you start your day better?
❉ To be more motivated?
❉ In a better mood?
❉ Do you see more clarity in your thoughts or ideas?
❉ Do you feel a strong energy inside you?

I am already looking forward to reading your comments and emails.

This practice may not be suitable for everyone. If you have high blood pressure, if you suffer from any kind of injury, if you have pain in the head or in the upper body in general (eyes, ears), if you have migraines, etc, I advise you not to practice this pranayama. Also, if you start to feel dizzy, stop and resume your normal breathing.

Contact me if you have any questions regarding this Pranayama.

With Love,


Article Les Clés du Jardin - Breath of Joy - Challenge